The EU Parliament has voiced its concerns on Golden Visa programmes. Portugal is aware but will not be terminating the residency scheme imminently. It has instead responded by presenting an extension of this — the Green Visa

The EU Parliament has been urging the EU Member states that offer residency…

We assess the ‘Cyprus Papers’ in the geopolitical arena within which they are playing out. We explore the motives behind this leak (if any) and scrutinize how many of the ~100 cases listed merited to be listed. In our findings over half of these cases had no criminal records or sanctions against them. A detailed analysis of our findings can be downloaded below.

With the Cyprus Investment Programme now under the world’s microscope there were fears that this ‘leak’ could lead to the programme’s demise.

The Cypriot government has confirmed that suspending/terminating the investment program would only work to confirm the damning reports, as published by Kathimerini

Having attracted EUR 8 Billion in…

CIVITAS POST | Connecting HNWI Advisers Globally

If it impacts affluent investors, #highnetworthindividuals and #privateclients, CIVITAS POST cover it. #investmentmigration #goldenvisas #wealthmanagement #hnwi

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