The Greek Golden Visa programme has been growing exponentially year on year. Investors have been flocking to its Mediterranean charm and lucrative real estate market. Yet the first quarter of 2019 hasn’t shown the same trend of growth — will this improve by year end?

The number of Golden Visa investors grew from 2017 onwards, as Enterprise Greece presented in their latest figures. 2018 was exceptionally successful drawing in over 4,000 investors (including their family members) from China, Russia, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, Jordan and Iran.

It is estimated that approximately EUR 1,500,000 has been injected into…

A Hong Kong group applied for the Irish Immigrant Investor Programme, by investing in a EUR 40 Million meat processing project in Offaly Ireland. Initially rejected, they are to make a second application to the Immigrant Investor Programme.

The Irish Immigrant Investor Program attracts foreign investors keen to reside in the Emerald Isle.

Those who invest over EUR 1 Million, have personal wealth of at least EUR 2 Million and meet all other approvals and residency requirements, are duly granted an IIP.

The project was to process meat in Ireland predominantly for its sale and distribution in China, it was…


On November 21st 2019, new rules came into effect for the EB-5 programme in the U.S. On November 26th 2019 Florida EB-5 Investments LLC challenged these new rules. Frustrations and discontent have been brewing over USCIS rules that are impacting the US investment migration professionals.

A Florida regional center has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security.

Florida EB-5 Investments LLC is a staunch advocate of the benefits that the EB-5 programme brings to the US in terms of job-creation, development and the foreign investment it attracts. It is a U.S. …

Ireland has issued over 700 residence permits under the Immigrant Investor Programme. What impact has it had on the local economy? On relations with foreign markets? Is the Irish IIP a viable route to Irish citizenship? We explore the intangible benefits of the Irish IIP on the Emerald Isle’s economy from a birds view perspective.

In 2018 a total of 420 Applications were received under the Irish Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP). 45 Applications were approved, 3 were refused and 15 were withdrawn. …

Ireland is fast becoming one of the leading hubs for investment, innovation and opportunity. Its Investor programme is an attractive option that has caught the attention of mostly Chinese HNWIs.

Whilst the weather is one thing that isn’t luring foreign investors to its shores, Ireland does boast
being called ‘home’ for leading firms such as Huawei, Fujitsu, Twitter, Intel, Novartis etc. It is a hub for innovation, attracts a substantial amount of foreign investment and has an open policy for investors.

The Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) has been flourishing in terms of its traction and popularity over the recent years…

CIVITAS POST explore the Italian Investor Visa, highlight recent developments including the legal changes on the 14th of September 2020 and assess whether the residency by investment programme has any better odds now at channeling FDI into Italy.

Italy is unique and bears undeniable individuality. It is well known for its art, ancient architecture, beautiful scenery, music, balmy weather and its exquisite cuisine. Being the 3rd (most likely 4th now post Covid) largest economy in the Eurozone, the ~8th largest in the world, with a GDP of about 2 trillion dollars (IMF, 2016) and a major center for world trade…

James McKay of McKay Research explores several key data points underpinning crypto assets’ current wave of popularity. He presents a compelling case for those wealth managers and family offices still on the fence to act now and take advantage of the opportunities in cryptoassets during this unique phase of development.

If 2020 was the year Bitcoin proved it still had life after the lengthy doldrums that followed the 2018 crash, then 2021 will surely mark the year it was well and truly embraced by mainstream business and finance. Bitcoin’s huge 101% surge from $28,989 on January 1st to a peak…

The EU Parliament has voiced its concerns on Golden Visa programmes. Portugal is aware but will not be terminating the residency scheme imminently. It has instead responded by presenting an extension of this — the Green Visa

The EU Parliament has been urging the EU Member states that offer residency visas to adopt new reforms as outlined by the Special Committee on Financial Crimes, Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance (TAX3).

In efforts to further examine the Portuguese Golden Visa programe, Parliament has recently been inspecting the administration of this scheme closely. Last week, Parliament informed they would be bringing the…

The Malta Financial Services Authority (‘MFSA’) outlined instructions on how individuals that have significant or controlling interests with authorised persons, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) or other risk flagged individuals must file a declaration regarding their Source of Wealth (‘SOW’) and Source of Funds (‘SOF’).

In efforts to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism, the MFSA has issued a guidance note for individuals who are linked to or are politically exposed persons. …

We assess the ‘Cyprus Papers’ in the geopolitical arena within which they are playing out. We explore the motives behind this leak (if any) and scrutinize how many of the ~100 cases listed merited to be listed. In our findings over half of these cases had no criminal records or sanctions against them. A detailed analysis of our findings can be downloaded below.

With the Cyprus Investment Programme now under the world’s microscope there were fears that this ‘leak’ could lead to the programme’s demise.

The Cypriot government has confirmed that suspending/terminating the investment program would only work to confirm the damning reports, as published by Kathimerini

Having attracted EUR 8 Billion in foreign funds, Cyprus is in a substantially better position to face the economic fallout of Covid19 than it was in the 2013 banking crisis. The Cyprus Investment Programme is a significant source of FDI, which needs to be effectively monitored and regulated to safeguard its very existence.

Accusations have been…

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